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6 Principles of Holistic Diabetes Treatment

An Integrative Approach 

Segment 2

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In the previous segment we saw two tendencies resulting in the two types of diabetes. In type 1 diabetes the upper element of the nerve-sense pole is over-emphasized and have trouble working into the lower organism (impaired incarnation). In type 2 diabetes the metabolism resists the action of the upper elements (early excarnation). There are subtypes of diabetes that can be put in one or both of these categories. For example, a type 1 diabetic can develop insulin resistance. These six general principles can offer a natural path to traversing the mission of diabetes. 

1. Remove Obstacles to Self-Actualization


Everyone has their own issues both internal and external that keep them from fulfilling themselves fully. It is important to take a step back and attempt to observe your life from the outside. One helpful method is to describe your biography. What is your story so far- where has destiny brought you, and what do you want to accomplish? It is helpful to divide life into 7 year periods as these correspond to a higher reality of human development. Notable strokes of destiny occur throughout the biography.

Forgiving and reconciliation is an inner way of overcoming life’s hurdles. We remove the poison from an experience when we can bring forgiveness (by granting or asking) into our life. Our true self becomes more powerful and can work deeper into the “real world”.

Finding our own traits that need work is also possible through biography work and sensing our accomplishments and our shortcomings can give us direction in life.

Sometimes we can identify toxic issues that limit us. Perhaps a relationship is keeping us from being who we need really are. A job or another commitment can also be toxic. Can these things be changed? Can we only put boundaries in place so that we limit the toxicity? Do we need to leave entirely? Similarly we can find things in life that truly energize us. We need to focus on these activities and relationships. Looking back to the two characteristics of diabetes it is easy to see how preparing our life to enhance self-actualization is in itself a remedy to diabetes.

2. Diet


Diet is a fundamental issue in diabetes. Humanized (Anthroposophic) medicine gives helpful indications of how certain foods can affect the entire body. A plant-based diet can help our upper members (astral and I organization) to work more intensely into the metabolism. Foods from the flower/fruit domain of the plant have a relevance to the metabolic domain in the human being. Oats are one instance of a special flower/fruit that can be used as a dietary aid against diabetes. Oats have a special relation to air, light and warmth. Oats help the higher members of the human being to grasp the metabolic pole. There are large studies on oats and their effect on diabetes control1. Significant oat intake was shown to improve blood sugars and reduce the A1C by almost half a percentage point. Lipid profiles were also improved.

Oat days are an easy way to integate oats as a medicine. For 2 days in a row, whole oats are made into a porridge (unsweetened) and fresh vegetables added. This oat preparation is eaten for each meal those 2 days. These “oat fasts” are done once a month and can reduce the need for insulin and improve diabetes control.

Coffee and green tea are also of benefit in diabetes.

Food quality is of utmost importance. Food that is fertilized with artificial fertilizers will nourish the head organism in a one sided way (salts bear a relationship with the root forces of a plant which relate inversely to our nerve-sense system). This overemphasis on the head forces itself can be diabetes promoting in the same way that early intellectualization of children promotes diabetes. Organic and optimally biodynamic foods support the integration of the upper members of the human being down into the metabolism. Following this thinking, I also recommend avoiding seedless fruits and vegetables modified to avoid flowering (many grapes and lettuces) though I have yet to see any funded study on this subject. 

Ketogenic diet can be an effective treatment and even a reverser of type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetics should only use this diet under close physician supervision and supervision is needed in insulin using type 2 diabetics (as insulin requirement may substantially decrease). This diet should be relatively, mostly, or even completely meat-free with preferred meat being nutritional organ meat. Fat is the main component of this diet 85% of calories, with protein being about 10% and carbohydrates about 5%. Animal fats are acceptable but sources of fat and meat from pastured animals is key. The light and air elements are again prominent dietary factors.

Fats are the easiest source of foods for our digestion to metabolize. They directly relate to warmth and the ketogenic diet promotes a catabolic effect in the metabolism which can be especially therapeutic in the type 2 diabetic. The I organization must work hard for every bit of sugar it sees in this diet. The I supporting effect is seen in the protection from symptomatic hypoglycemia reported in the medical literature. Also in support of this I organization supporting effect are some remarkable case reports showing resolution of psychosis and schizophrenia that occurred in association with the ketogenic diet.  

Periphery Work


The issue in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes involves the periphery- the metabolic pole of the human being. In type 1 diabetes the upper organism needs to be “invited in” to the metabolism-limb domain. In type 2 diabetes the upper organism needs help- can we “open up” the metabolic-limb system so that the upper organism can take hold of it more easily? Rosemary oil is a powerful remedy in diabetes care. It promotes the warmth of the upper organism to penetrate the limb system. Rosemary has an awakening effect and is best used in the morning. This herb is useful in combatting neuropathy. The best way to address the periphery is through the Jungebad, a specialized oil dispersion bath. Oil is dispersed so finely in bathwater that the oil can be measured in the blood of patients who have had this bath therapy. Mistletoe can also be given in such a peripheral way to good effect in diabetics. Prunus spinosa in this type of bath will support the life (etheric) body. 

Massage of oils into the limbs is helpful in this “opening up, inviting in” treatment. Rhythmical Einreibung (a unique type of touch and oil application) can be of great effect in inviting in the upper members of the human being. 

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