COVID-19 Testing in Atlanta, GA

Mistletoe in Medicine - a popular article by Dr. Hancock about how mistletoe is used integratively in cancer care (in many European countries it is used by the majority of patients with cancer, often covered by their insurance).

In response to the current public health crisis, the team at Humanizing Medicine will be offering testing services for COVID-19 virus infection.

The total cost of the screening is $130.00 for non-patients, $53 for subscribed patients. Due to the high prevalence of 50% COVID-19 infection in our tested population, we are no longer requiring a rapid influenza swab first. We can do this swab for an additional $20 at your request. Your results will be ready in 2-4 business days. 

If you require faster results, we can administer a rapid test, producing results in approximately 15 minutes. The cost for this test is $157 for non-patients and $80 for subscribed patients. Supplies are limited and may not be available at all times. 

Who can be tested:

  • Anyone with symptoms of viral illness
  • Anyone with exposure to a person with confirmed COVID-19 infection
  • Asymptomatic individuals that need to rule out COVID-19 infection for personal or professional reasons
  • We can do a double rule out swab for essential workers who need 2 negatives to return to work

You can reach us at or call our office at (470) 891-8140.

Our address is 135 Maple street, Decatur, Georgia 30030 (off of East College)

  • We will be testing in our parking lot. We cordially ask you not to enter our office building. We will not have bathroom facilities available.
  • Each vehicle will pull up to a designated testing spot.
  • Our staff will swab for COVID-19.
  • You may then return home.
  • When the test returns (24-72 hours) we will inform you of your results. If you are getting the rapid test, you may wait in the parking lot until your results are ready. 

To reserve your appointment:

  • A credit card will be required and will be charged.
  • It is possible that your insurance may cover all or part of this fee. Georgia has mandated that insurance cover COVID-19 testing. Your invoice will have the CPT codes for testing attached so you can easily submit them to your insurance company.
  • We will email you or call you with a confirmation of when your appointment is.
  • We can not refund for missed appointments
  • Subscribed members of our practice will only be charged the lab fees, not the service fees.
  • This screening test uses nasal swabs. These are not comfortable if done properly. They have been compared to “tickling your brain”. We apologize for any discomfort.
  • Our screening staff are very nice and personable people but will unfortunately need to wear HAZMAT suits or other protective gear.
  • This is a screening test only and does not imply medical treatment. We are not an Emergency room or hospital. If you are having an emergency please use 911 or an Emergency room.
  • Positive cases will be reported as required by law to the Department of Public Health

The World Health Organization repeatedly emphasizes testing for COVID-19 to be essential in our battle to contain it and minimize mortality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What lab will process the test? With reported widespread shortages of tests, how is your clinic able to offer tests?
We are working with a local Atlanta lab, Ipsum Diagnostics. They are approved to perform the COVID 19 test through an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) granted by the FDA. They are part of getting more tests out and so are part of the solution to the paucity of testing. The required things for testing are a lab, tubes, reagents (easily obtainable), and swabs (have to be sterile and non organic). The limiting part is the lab as they can only process so many samples per day. Ipsum has a unique high throughput machine and they are helping hospitals around the country increase their capacity for mass testing.

2) My partner had all COVID symptoms in early February after extensive international and domestic travel but was never tested. Can you test for antibodies so we know if we have already been exposed?

Unfortunately,  not at this time. We expect this test to come out through Quest or another lab sometime in the near future. 


A very helpful video by an pulmonologist in NYC on how you can empower yourself against this virus:


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