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Direct Primary Care

Our Goal

We Offer Primary Care Services to Keep You in Optimal Health

Whether you have a common illness like strep throat or flu, or a serious chronic condition such as diabetes or hypertension, we will take great care of you.

We treat you with respect- we see medicine as a conversation instead of a lecture. We believe deeply in the innate healing power of the human body. Our goal is to treat your illness, address underlying conditions, and promote overall wellness.

What Do We Do?

We look for the meaning behind illness, and how it can be a “wake up call” to transformation. Integrative medicine uses both conventional therapy as well as complementary therapies in your care. We use pharmaceuticals where needed but also safely use herbal and homeopathic remedies, movement therapy, herbal compresses and artistic therapy. Combining these modalities enhances your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our providers are qualified healthcare professionals who have undertaken further training in Anthroposophic Medicine. Anthroposophic Medicine is a 100 year old system of integrative medicine practised in over 60 countries, in both hospital and outpatient clinical settings. It appreciates the entire human being in making a diagnosis and therapy. The body, soul and spirit of the patient are acknowledged as well as their unique life story.

To us, the mission of Anthroposophic medicine is to “Humanize Medicine”.

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable, valued, and heard. We want our office to be a place you value and rely on as a true medical home.

Humanizing Medicine

What Is Direct Primary Care?

Many patients are deeply dissatisfied with our current healthcare system. The cost of insurance is rising, and coverage is going down. Deductibles and copays cost more than many people can afford to pay.

Doctors rush through appointments with no time to answer questions or hear your concerns. Then they send you off to specialists who treat only one health issue. As a result, you see a different doctor for every health issue. Each specialist requires a referral…which means another appointment, another copay, and endless paperwork.

We Do Things Differently

Direct Primary Care is the overall care you want at the low cost you need. We offer personalized, individual healthcare services rarely found in today’s complicated system. With us, you get to know your doctors and they get to know you. Our focus is on overall wellness.

Urgent appointments are usually available within 24 hours.

The doctor is available after hours by text for urgent issues.

We are fully trained and qualified for any age patient.

Patients enrolled in DPC practices spend 30 days fewer admitted to hospitals

Those enrolled in a DPC membership are referred to specialists 62% less often

DPC members undergo surgery at a rate of 80% less often

Patients enjoy visits that often last well over 60 minutes, providing significant time to discuss health priorities and concerns.

Our Pricing

Our subscription pricing is simple and transparent. We bypass the high cost of insurance. Instead, you pay a low monthly subscription fee:

  • Individual
    per month
  • Couple
    per month
  • Family
    + $5 per additional child per month

A DPC membership can be combined with a Health Share or high deductible insurance plan to cover rare, unexpected, costly medical expenses. *Over and above our monthly fee, patients may need special services or medicines that cost extra. There is a one time enrollment fee per individual or family ($150 if establishing with NP, $300 if establishing with MD). We’ll tell you about any extra costs in advance so there are no surprises.

Intravenous infusions: Pricing varies depending on the medicines.

Medical Procedures: We charge extra fees for some services, such as lab work.

Devices: If you need a medical device, such as an IUD, you pay for the device.

Additional services, medicines, infusions, or devices are charged at cost, like all our prescription medications.

Prescription Costs
With our in-house Pharmacy, you save a trip to the pharmacy and can start treatment immediately. We all know that good prevention saves money (and your health).


We’re Here for You

General Ailments

We treat all common illnesses, like allergies, cold and flu, and strep throat. We can handle minor injuries, like stitches, and we also offer general physicals, and physicals for sports and school.


When you need a pap smear, birth control (including IUD), or diagnosis and treatment for a condition like endometriosis, we can help.

Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is a complicated disease that truly deserves an integrative approach. We can monitor your blood glucose, prescribe medicines, and recommend lifestyle changes designed to help you keep your diabetes under control.

Pain Management

Joints and muscle pain limits your life. We offer injections and treatments to lessen your pain and improve your mobility.

Skin Biopsies

Worried about a lump, a bump, or a mole? We can perform a biopsy to determine whether it is dangerous.

Lab Work

We perform blood draws, urinalysis, pregnancy tests, and other common lab work in house.

Heart Testing

We perform routine EKGs.

Lung Testing

We perform spirometry testing.

Humanizing Medicine’s Direct Primary Care

Our experienced doctors and healthcare professionals will work to improve your overall health and wellness.

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