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How to Customize Cronometer for a Cancer Fighting Ketogenic Diet


Cronometer is a free online tool (there is also an app for $2.99) that is essential in tracking your dietary intake. It is quite versatile and this is my guide to customizing it for a cancer fighting ketogenic diet.

  1. First sign up.

  2. Go into your profile and set your weight, height, birthday and activity level.

    You may want a weight goal as maintain, gain or lose depending on your needs.

   3.  The box titled “Macronutrient Targets” should be adjusted as follows:

Check the “show full macronutrient targets” box.

Set the first box to “High Fat/Ketogenic”

Set the next box to “Rigorous”

Uncheck athletic bonus

Check “Net Carbs”

Check “Include sugar alcohols in Net Carbs”

4.  Finished!

You may now enter foods as you eat them in your food diary.