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The Doctors

Dr. Hancock vert
Dr. Mark Hancock

Mark Hancock, MD MPH, founded the Humanizing Medicine in Atlanta together with his wife Enid in 2015. The clinic is strongly rooted in the couple’s belief that everyone should have quality integrative healthcare options. Dr. Hancock has worked with Anthroposophic medicine, which originally introduced mistletoe as a therapeutic option for cancer 100 years ago, for his entire professional career.

Dr. Hancock’s  journey through life has been full and varied, and has taken him through art, philosophy, science and even some farmwork before ultimately landing in medicine at Humanizing Medicine. Read about his journey below.

I’ve always loved being in the wilderness and pushing my endurance. The Appalachian Trail became pivotal to me as a teenager, and remains so even to this day. Through my experiences  in the wilderness I learned early on of nature’s amazing potential to nurture the heart and soul.

During my first undergraduate experience I absorbed myself with the thinking process behind science and the assumptions therein. In 1999, I graduated from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee with a B.A. in Philosophy. I wrote my thesis on Immanuel Kant’s dualistic epistemology and how Rudolf Steiner’s Philosophy of Freedom overcame this duality and solved many issues inherent in it.

Upon graduating I left Tennessee and  went to Europe. I worked for the summer on a biodynamic farm and then went to Switzerland where I studied painting at the neueKUNSTschule . I cannot emphasize how important this time painting was for me and my future development as a physician. I feel the absolute focus on receiving sense impressions in an awake, open, and scientific state of mind that occurs when painting a still life, portrait or landscape is also essential in medicine. It also related intrinsically to my earlier philosophical work.

My experiences in Europe formed a significant and solid base for further personal and professional development. As a young boy I’d felt a calling to go into medicine  and these experiences inspired me to pursue that field once again.

I completed a second undergraduate course in 2002 at the University of the South with a B.S. in Biology, making the Dean’s List. Shortly after my wife,daughter and I embarked on a long medical journey together which took us first  to Saint George’s University in Grenada, West Indies. I later completed my Masters in Public Health in 2003 Summa Cum Laude, and threw myself into medical studies. In 2008, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my medical degree, and off we went to England for two years of clinical rotations.

During this time I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Dr Maurice Orange at the Park Atwood Clinic who was treating cancer patients with mistletoe therapy. I found him to be a brilliant and inspiring Anthroposophical physician who became a great source of inspiration to me.We traveled onwards to New Mexico where I completed my family medicine residency as chief resident in 2011.

I am board certified in Family Medicine and have worked extensively in hospital settings caring for patients.  Serious illness that requires hospitalization is usually a life changing event for a person. I am honored to be the agent of that change.

In early 2015 I felt a need to bring the benefits of Anthroposophical medicine to more people. Since then I see patients at our office in Atlanta, as well as during occasional home visits. I am a member of PAAM Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophical Medicine and am working towards certification in Anthroposophical Medicine.

I have engaged in multiple speaking engagements and am always excited to share what a humanized medicine can offer.

I live in Decatur with my wife Enid, and our six daughters where we have a developing urban homestead with chickens, goats, a food forest and biodynamic-permaculture gardens.

Dr. Ketterl vert
Dr. Petra Ketterl

Petra Ketterl, MD, is a fellowship-trained Medical Oncologist, practicing since 1993. Born in southern Germany, where an anthroposophic approach to medicine is well-known, Dr. Ketterl carried these principals with her when she moved to the U.S. and attended medical school at ETSU. After graduation, residency and fellowship, she opened a private practice for Medical Oncology, which she operated for 9 years before joining Cancer Treatment Centers of America as a Medical Oncologist for 15 years, also serving as a Physician Advisor. She currently lives in East Tennessee, where she serves as an oncology consultant for Dr. Hancock at Humanizing Medicine. She met Dr. Hancock in 2017, at a symposium for Integrated Cancer Treatment, where she learned about his Mistletoe Cancer Therapy practice.

Realizing this was an opportunity to provide cancer patients with truly integrated cancer therapy, she agreed to join his team. Dr. Ketterl will provide information and recommendations for the optimal blend of conventional and alternative cancer treatments, so each patient can make an educated decision on the treatment plan that is best for them. She believes the best outcomes are achieved with an integrated treatment plan, and has seen first-hand how for example mistletoe therapy can improve results and quality of life for cancer patients. She is committed to providing excellent support to each of her patients, spending time to answer all of their questions during the initial consultation, and continuing to support and answer questions over email and during follow up appointments, which can be scheduled by phone or in person.

What to Expect

Patient Consent Forms

Cancer Related Articles

Here are some useful links to articles related to cancer.

Mistletoe in Medicine – a popular article by Dr. Hancock about how mistletoe is used integratively in cancer care (in many European countries it is used by the majority of patients with cancer, often covered by their insurance).

Directory of Clinical Studies on Mistletoe – a repository of all the clinical trials on mistletoe use in cancer. A good resource to share with your oncologist.

Ketogenic Diet: How Adjust Your Cronometer Settings – The ketogenic diet as a metabolic approach to fight cancer has been advocated by our dear colleague Nasha Winters. Cronometer is an inexpensive app that helps to track macronutrients (carbs, protein, fat).

Additional Resources

We’ve assembled links to some organizations you may find helpful in your healing journey. 

International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations – information about anthroposophic healthcare providers, pharmacies, and more. 

Believe Big – helping patients fight cancer by bridging the gap between conventional and complementary treatments.

Georgia State Cancer Aid – helping to reduce the burden and cost of cancer care for uninsured, under-insured, and low-income patients.

American Cancer Society – dedicated to helping people who face cancer. Learn about cancer research, patient services, early detection, treatment and education.

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