peacock butterfly 3482707 1920The United States has a problem in cancer treatment. We excel at targeting the tumor with therapies like radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. But the patient is often left behind. These focused treatments may be helpful but even when they alone can be the main path of treatment we miss an important point.


We are not passive blocks of wood in the treatment process.


We have an immune system that can learn and fight the tumor.

We have a metabolism that can be tuned to thwart cancer growth.

We have a lifestyle that can be modified to boost our health.


We actually can do many things to take back leadership of our treatment plan- and of our own life.


The cornerstone of our holistic approach to cancer is the use of mistletoe- often in high doses and given intravenously. This treatment is common in European countries, countries that take an integrative approach to cancer treatment. They know that for optimum results one must integrate every tool with a purpose. We are pioneers of mistletoe use in the United States. Mistletoe is well studied and generally safe in the hands of a provider with experience. Mistletoe is not yet approved by the FDA (it is legal to use) but phase 1 clinical trials are ongoing. Its use in the US is considered investigational even though it is customary in Europe- some countries have 70% of their patients with cancer using this as a supplemental treatment.Most people use mistletoe in addition to conventional treatment and large studies show improvement in quality of life and survival.

Of course there are other treatments that can potentially impact cancer care and we have a wide knowledge of diet, supplements, repurposed medications, lifestyle modifications, therapeutic movement and more.

We look forward to being a part of your journey.


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