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Health Insurance coverage cost Georgia businesses over $5,000 per year in 2017 per a published survey.

This coverage is expensive and serves mostly as a "negative" coverage- employees still have large out of pocket costs if they do get sick. There are copays and deductibles that prevent timely care in many cases. This all hits the bottom line with workers missing work due to minor illnesses or just to get a checkup for their child. Worse, some will co

me to work sick and untreated -potentially performing poorly or getting others sick as well. That is a lot to pay hundreds of dollars a month per employee for!

Small businesses can benefit from having their employees covered in our Direct Primary Care Model. We are not health insurance but in many ways offer a much better value.

We are a positive coverage. Employees get value after value with our services.



  • Membership gives your 
  • employees convenient access to medical care, avoiding all deductibles.
  • Our In House Pharmacy offers savings unmatched by pre
    scription plans. 
  • We can typically cover over 95% of routine medical issues at no excess cost to you or your employee.
  • No disincentive of a copay- so employees can get care when they need it as well as preventative care to keep well.
  • Membership is a valued perk of being your employee, boosting moral.
  • Continuity of care with a Board Certified Physician experienced in both Coventional and Integrative medicine.
  • Affordable rates that can be split between you
     and your employee.
  • Win Win Win. A Direct Primary Care can save you money by allowing you to select a high deductible plan- at the same time giving your employees much better quality healthcare
  • You can get a discount per member on bulk enrollment.


Our monthly rates

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(can be split between your company and employee):

Individual: $75

Couple: $125

Family: $150


Group Discounts:

5 or more employee enrollments: $5 per month/enrollment discount

10 or more employee enrollments: $10 per month/enrollment discount

25 or more employee enrollments: $25 per month/enrollment discount


Contact us today: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (470) 891-8140 

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