Humanizing Medicine

Integrative Family Care

Our modern medical system sure has some good technology. But it is turning more and more patients off. People feel like just a cog in a big healthcare machine. They are given short appointments with doctors. Your questions don't get answered. Insurance is more and more expensive and covering less and less. Meanwhile healthcare providers are less satisfied too. If medicine is an art, how can it be done well in a 7 minute visit? We become the masters of quick fixes and not so good at maintaining good health. We spend as much or more time on a computer charting about your care as we do actually giving it. An elaborate staff is typically employed just for billing. Not enough time is spent with patients- no one wants to go into primary care anymore.

Is there another way to do this?

The ancient Chinese system of care made sense. Healthy patients contributed to their doctor on a monthly basis and paid no fee when they were sick. The philosophy was that a doctor's job was to keep the community well. How novel! Health problems are like most others in that they are best treated early or before they turn into problems. Community supported agriculture (CSA) allows a farmer to focus on farming- the community pays a subscription fee and gets regular fresh produce from the farm. It is time for community supported medicine.

Our Model

Community supported medicine will focus on meeting the majority of your needs. For most people this is over 90% of the care they ever need. And we aim to do this with true excellence.

  • Easy access with appointments available usually immediately or same day
  • 24/7 phone consult access to Dr Hancock for urgent issues
  • Fully trained and board certified in Family Medicine- covering all age ranges
  • Integrating holistic remedies from Anthroposophic medicine
  • Affordable, transparent pricing without copays
  • Clinic located convenient to the Atlanta area

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