Enrollment Pricing

$75   One time registration fee per individual, couple, or family.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. We are subscription based with no long term contract. You pay monthly (our billing software will automate this).

$75      Individual Monthly Subscription

$125    Couple Monthly Subscription

$150    Family Monthly Subscription

There are no copays or other hidden costs*. 


With our In House Pharmacy you can save money on your prescription medications, potentially enough to make up for the cost of your subscription. Avoidance of insurance deductibles is another way that you will save. Convenience of care is yet another plus and cost-saver. We all know that good prevention saves money (and your health). And having a close relationship with a good doctor is priceless!


Outside the model:

For new patients presenting for a one time consultation $250

This rate is for patients coming to our practice with no intent on enrollment. For instance, we can see a patient wanting subcutaneous mistletoe advice and prescription who has no wish for ongoing care with us. Other patients may desire a consultation for an Anthroposophic approach towards their other health issues. This fee covers the consultation only.

Intravenous infusions: $100 per infusion plus the cost of added medicines.

Ongoing care: $75 per month subscription.


*Some services will incur small fees and some procedures such as IUD insertion will require the patient to cover the cost of the device. Vaccines and other costly medicines are covered by patients (administration is included)