Intravenous Services

Intravenous Services

Members of our clinic may need or desire infusions of key nutrients and medications. Infusions take place under physician supervision (usually present in house) and with a trained RN monitoring care. We strive to provide these services for a reasonable price- though all of these extra materials, time and skill take extra resources. 

Infusions are performed at $100 flat rate per infusion

Medications are additional but charged at close to at cost. 

Please contact us for pricing

Available Medications: (not an all inclusive list)

    ♦ Mistletoe  (both Abnoba and Helixor brands)

    ♦ Vitamin C

    ♦ Myer's Cocktail

    ♦ Alpha Lipoic Acid

    ♦ Glutathione

    ♦ Artesunate

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