Services provided as medically indicated:



- Dipstick urinalysis

- Urine pregnancy test

- Glucose testing

- EKG with interpretation

- Endometrial biopsy *

- Pap smears *

- Intrauterine device insertion (IUD) **

- Joint injections **

- Traumeel injections for arthritis and musculoskeletal injuries**

- Rapid strep test

- Stitches

- Skin biopsies *

- Nebulizer therapy

- Holistic allergy injections

- Nutritional Infusions

- Biocept liquid biopsy

- IvyGene liquid biopsy*


*Patient will be responsible for the laboratory fee for reading the sample

**Patient will be responsible for the cost of the device or medication

Laboratory bloodwork can be drawn on site with a typically small processing fee

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