We have the following opportunities available:

Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant

Employment Opportunity

Employment Position

This position will be a full time position for a Family Nurse practitioner or Physician assistant. You will work in our model of Direct Primary Care, carrying a panel of 600-800 patients. This will allow ample time for quality care. It is expected to have availability by phone, text, and email to your patient panel, though this is rarely a large time commitment. Practicing out of an Anthroposophic integrative medical viewpoint is a requirement for this position. If not already trained in Anthroposophic integrative medicine we will support your further education in this and eventual certification. We have a thriving clinic with happy, warm and vibrant patients and staff.



• Graduation from an accredited school of nursing.

• Certified as a Nurse Practitioner. Licensed as a nurse and approved to practice as a Nurse Practitioner by the state of Georgia.


A base salary plus a per member reimbursement.

Benefits include Health share account and at cost Direct Primary Care services.

Time off and sick leave

Humanizing Medicine LLC


It is our vision to transform medicine. We would like to see the widely successful model of Anthroposophic integrative medicine be available in the US to outpatients and inpatients alike, that training be available to all levels of healthcare providers, and that awareness in the general public and support for these options in payment models be present. As innovators in this field, we envision that we will be a center for the catalyst for this transformation, this “humanizing” of medicine. We will create a network of integrative clinics and eventually hospitals, retreats, and training centers so that people can experience true healing instead of cold obstacles to healing that are in our present system. We will treat our staff and our patients with human dignity and allow an inner path to be followed that will inform the outer work of healing we wish to represent.


Humanizing Medicine takes a holistic approach to medical treatment and cares for the whole person with a combination of scientifically proven options that are designed to enhance wellness and lower the cost of medical coverage. We welcome the patient’s input and believe in the innate healing power of the human body. We will interact with patients in an empathic way, putting ourselves in the other’s shoes. We want to team up with the patient as they engage in increasing their health and well-being. We also aim for a participatory structure in our organization that listens to the ideas, concerns, and innovations of all of our team members. We each have an active role in creating an integrative medical home for our patients. We will constantly strive to improve our own skill sets, to actively listen to others, to serve others, and to approach new ideas with an open mind.


Our aim is to:

If interested, call 470 891-8140

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