Mistletoe Cancer Therapy

Holistic Cancer Treatment

The United States has a problem in cancer treatment. We excel at targeting the tumor with therapies like radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. These focused treatments may be helpful but they also cause severe side effects, and when they are used as the only method of treatment we miss an important point. 

Our bodies are not passive blocks of matter, designed merely to receive treatments! We are powerful, living organisms and our bodies have an innate healing power! 

  • We have an immune system that can learn and fight the tumor.
  • We have a metabolism that can be tuned to thwart cancer growth.
  • We have a lifestyle that can be modified to boost our health.
  • We actually can do many things to take back leadership of our treatment plan- and of our own life.

Mistletoe Cancer Therapy bridges the gap between conventional and alternative cancer treatments through the use of mistletoe – often in high doses and given intravenously. This treatment is used in combination with conventional cancer treatments in up to 75% of cancer cases throughout  Western Europe, where Doctors routinely take an integrative approach to cancer treatment. It has been scientifically proven to improve patient outcomes, increase survival rates, and improve quality of life. Humanizing Medicine is a pioneer of Mistletoe Cancer Therapy in the United States. Mistletoe is well studied and generally safe in the hands of a provider with experience. Mistletoe is  legal to use, but not yet approved by the FDA, therefore it’s use is considered investigative.  But Phase 1 clinical trials are ongoing at respected medical institutions such as Johns Hopkins Medical Center, and early results show that mistletoe is indeed an important tool in a comprehensive approach to cancer treatment. 

Of course there are other treatments and lifestyle changes that can also impact cancer care. Our integrated approach includes a variety of diet modifications, supplements, re-purposed medications, lifestyle modifications, therapeutic movement, mental health services and more.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with any type of cancer, please give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help. We’ll stay by your side on the journey to healing. 

LEARN MORE: Read Mistletoe in Medicine – a popular article by Dr. Hancock about how mistletoe is used integratively in cancer care (in many European countries it is used by the majority of patients with cancer, often covered by their insurance).

Mistletoe Packages

We offer the following packages for intravenous mistletoe treatments:

Mistletoe Infusions

We use well established mistletoe brands, including one currently being studied in a phase 1 clinical trial at Johns Hopkins. Mistletoe “plays well with others” and is safe and effective in combination with radiation and chemotherapy. These infusions are well tolerated, often without any side effects. In clinical practice they have been associated with significant boost to quality of life (see the directory of studies) and in ideal circumstances with tumor regression (see Dr. Hancock’s clinical case). This package includes an escalating dose of mistletoe to the therapeutic maximum which is given 3 times weekly at our clinic. We can also offer infusions using other varieties of mistletoe, depending on the type of cancer and stage at which the patient presents.  Your individual treatment plan will be determined after your initial consultation .

3 intravenous treatments per week 

Treatments ideally performed as a 6 week session.

 Mistletoe Fever Induction Therapy

Our fever induction therapy is a carefully prepared extract of mistletoe that is useful for healthy individuals ready for therapeutic fever. Each infusion is followed by a dose of mistletoe in the fatty tissue of the abdomen. It is not unusual to achieve a high fever for several hours from this treatment. The injected areas can remain sore for several days. This protocol is more aggressive and not suitable for every patient. Injections typically occur once per week, allowing some “cool off time” before the next injection, but infusions may be continued up to 3 times per week. This therapy can be combined with intratumoral injection of the same mistletoe which has been associated with remissions in ideal cases.

1 – 3 intravenous treatment(s)
per week 

Treatments can be scheduled in 6 or 12 week sessions.

Intra-tumoral Injections

This add-on therapy provides the ideal use of mistletoe for many
cases. Mistletoe injections directly into a tumor can act like a beacon
to Natural Killer cells, putting the cancer-killing part of your immune system where they are needed.
Dr. Hancock has observed even
very large tumors regress to benign scar tissue after this treatment in
the most ideal of cases (every medical situation is individual and no results can be guaranteed). This treatment can only be given to patients with tumors or lymph
nodes in areas accessible to direct injection (such as breast tumors).
It is in addition to the packages above, given once per week at the time of infusions.

6 Intra-tumoral injections.

All Treatments Include:

Intake visit by Dr. Hancock MD

Consultation by Dr. Ketterl MD, experienced integrative oncologist

Infusions performed in a safe, friendly, social environment at our clinic by a trained RN

Supportive anthroposphic treatments such as organ compresses and foot baths

Follow up care pertaining to continued patient administered subcutaneous mistletoe administration

Recommendations on diet, supplements, and prescription of mistletoe and repurposed cancer fighting medicines

Advice on following progress of treatments, lab testing, and lifestyle change

"I would heartily recommend that any cancer patient (especially a stage 4 cancer patient) contact Humanizing Medicine and set up a consultation with Dr. Mark Hancock. Dr. Hancock is a very caring physician who has a tremendous heart to help his patients. He and his staff are very kind and have a loving attitude toward their clientele. He does a lot of research and he is not afraid to think outside the box."
Jim Kelly
October, 2019
"I had a very large tumor in my left breast and my objective was to shrink it and then have a lumpectomy. In doing my research I read that it was possible to shrink a tumor using direct mistletoe injections. I was excited when I found Dr. Mark because he was the only mistletoe doctor in the country willing to do direct injections. The lumpectomy happened as planned on Sept 17, 2018 and the pathology report came back NO EVIDENCE OF MALIGNANCY."
Lori D.
March, 2019
"I initially had 3C Ovarian cancer, went through the typical treatment and it came back and was treated again and then was fortunate enough through my internet research to find Dr. Mark. He uses an individualized approach to treat your cancer that has been proven to be successful in Europe. My numbers continue to improve as well as my overall health and labs. He treats the whole body, and it is very comforting."
Dawn R.
November, 2018

https://humanizingmedicine.com/directory-of-clinical-mistletoe-studies/ This is a comprehensive collection of clinical trials performed on mistletoe therapy. They have all been published in peer-reviewed medical journals. This can be a helpful link to share with your conventional oncologist.


American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Atlanta – The Hope Lodge provides housing for patients who are travelling to Atlanta for cancer care. They request that an application for housing is sent from Dr Hancock to request a reservation. Follow the link to learn more about the lodge. Contact us in the office at Humanizing Medicine, if you would like for us to petition on your behalf.

Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation – The Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation can offer assistance paying for housing. Follow the link to their website to understand their Application Protocols.

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