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Of course everyone’s care is different, and one person may respond entirely different to a treatment than another. A testimonial offers hope as to what is possible for you.

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When I think of Dr. Hancock’s office, I feel extremely blessed to have found his…

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My name is Shannon Jones, I was diagnosed with colon cancer on 9-19-19 during a…

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What Our Patient’s Say

The work that is being done in this clinic, in addition to the affiliated Martin Clinic which provides free care to those in need, is truly powerful and inspiring! The service, care, and mission here are all absolutely amazing!

Jesse R.

Seems like a great clinic overall, they booked an appointment for my mother when her blood pressure was dangerously high when all other doctors had too much of a wait. Her blood pressure is now much better thanks to their expertise. Thank you!

Juan N.

What a magical healing place! Dr Hancock truly takes the time to connect to his patients, educate, and empower them with alternative options that are available for their conditions, allowing their bodies to do the healing!

Elisa V.

Just had the best consultation with Tulsi and Kisa. We have been to 9 doctors/dermatologists in the past few months and Kisa looked closer and knew more than the rest of them combined.

Brandon S.

Fantastic team. These guys really care, really. They will work hard to keep you healthy and happy!

Ben K.

Highly recommend humanizing medicine. Personalized and compassionate care. Knowledgeable doctors and staff. Basic membership includes supportive/preventative services (movement and compresses). Best of all, each person is treated like a human!

Nathaniel S.

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