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Tennessee Local Food Summit Presentation

December 2nd I presented “The Health Benefits of Eating Organic and Biodynamic Food”. I loved the opportunity to speak and even more to meet such a thriving group of the region’s farmers. I was impressed to meet Tradd Cotter the mushroom expert who presented on fungal remediation of environmental contamination. He runs Mushroom Mountain and I am planning on taking the girls there for the guided tour. I got to know many volunteers from the Heimerdinger Foundation. They cook hundreds of meals each week with local teenagers and deliver them free to cancer patients and their families. The best part- they use all organic food. We met Ian McSweeney who works as a consultant creating land ownership methods that make land more affordable and secure to farmers. He is a real leader in farmland conservation who I am sure will play a role in our future ecovillage.

At the heart of this all was Jeff Poppen. It was a pleasure to meet this genuine man of large spirit who has one of the oldest organic/biodynamic farms in the region. I can’t wait to visit!

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