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Thyroid: Segment 3

The giraffe's thyroid is located just under its head where it would wear a necktie to a party

Thyroid Holistic Treatment

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Iodine is a central element in thyroid hormone. In its occurence in nature we can see the catabolic effect of iodine. It is a popular and effective disinfectant so powerful that it is placed with a molecular buffer to make it less problematic in humans (povidone iodine). We have explored the process of breaking down (catabolism) and its occurence with qualities of awakening in the organism. It is not surprising that we see an awakening process occuring in association with the living iodine messenger of thyroid hormone. Iodine is useful where the astral body needs tied again into the living organism. 



In treatment of a diffuse, soft enlargement of the thyroid we see the need to boost the astral body’s activity in the metabolic system. This is fostered with use of a sulphur related remedy such as Weleda’s Spongia D1 (16 drops in the morning). This remedy gives 200mcg of iodine per day and does so in an enlivend way (as opposed to giving simply elemental iodine. The salt polarity in goitre calls for the need to support the consciousness in the organism. Calcium iodatum D3 is used here. 


autumn crocus thyroid remedy

The maxim that the plant corresponds to an upside down human is helpful in the discovery and understanding of remedies. (We will more fully develop this in another place). The bulb or tuber corresponds to the neck region in the human. The autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale) contains natural colchicine- used conventionally in gout. The delayed robust flower of this plant shows the strong working of astrality. The regular life processes are held back. Colchicum tuber D3 10 drops three times per day is a developed remedy for both subclinical and fully manifested hyperthyroidism. There is evidence in the medical literature of its effectiveness in regulating these conditions1. The symptoms associated with a too active thyroid such as insomnia and anxiety were also alleviated. Iron supports the working of the I activity and can be useful as an ointment placed over the neck in the morning. Here we are supporting the piloting skill of the rider on a wild horse (I restraining the astral body). 

In Grave’s disease, the above cochicum is essential but more is needed. Cuprite and chalcocite support the I organization. Cuprite D3 (1 pinch 3 times daily) supports the I organization’s formative role. Chalcocite supports the activity in the metabolic pole. Symptomatic relief can be obtained with bryophyllum- useful for insomnia and anxiety. Tachycardia can be naturally treated with cardiodoron 20 drops 3 times daily. Stibium is a useful “holding” remedy. 


We have used the analogy of a rider on a tired horse to describe too low a thyroid. Levico water is a therapeutic spring water from the Italian Alps. It has a complex composition that includes homeopathic amounts of iron and arsenic- the arsenic is therapeutic to a weak astral body. Uriel’s Aquavit contains Levico water and a mixture of vitalizing herbs and is a US available remedy for hypothyroidism– it also addresses and supports the etheric body which often has been neglected by the weak astral in hypothyroid patients. Selenium supplementation is a helpful adjuvunct to the thyoid also as it defends the thyroid from its own catabolic state. Arsenic D6 can be given as 20 drops in the morning to support the astral body. Copper ointment assists in the strengthening of the astral body in the region of the thyroid. It can be applied every evening. Here is a good list of natural thyroid support treatments.

The need to give the tools of thyroid hormone to the body is essential. It is remarkable that many patients do not feel “right” even with normal hormone levels when they are supplemented with synthetic thyroid hormone. Changing to an enlivened thyroid hormone supplement (Armour Thyroid) will often solve this issue.

Eurythmy and Inner Work

This healing movement art is used often in Anthroposphic (humanized) medicine. The human being can make gestures that correspond to vowels and consonants- these can work in a healing way back into the human being. The sequence L-M-S and S-M-I-A are both therapeutic for the thyroid.

Inner exercises can support thyroid health. Rudolf Steiner brought eight exercises that relate to the spiritual organ at the level of the larynx. These exercises are of course healthy for every person.