Victim and Tyrant- the Eye and the Stomach


 Polarity as a Key to Understanding

Often knowledge clicks when we are able to juxtapose two opposites. Medically we see many polarities in the human body. Can our knowledge gain a more human understanding of these processes? After all they relate intricately to our “house” on earth where we are able to have life, feelings, and self-consciousness. A monoccular black and white materialistic view of the human body will necessarily overlook the deeper human significance of scientific facts, including medical facts. A Goethean (humanized) science will take an artistic approach and find life, soul and thus morality in science. I owe the following thoughts to both Otto Wolff MD and Armin Husemann MD- both brilliant Anthroposophic physicians.

The Eye as Perpetual Victim

If we look at the eye and attempt to grasp the gesture of its function it is obvious that it opens itself to the outer world. When open (assuming some level of light) it is contiinuously penetrated by the light. In fact, looking deeper, we see an interesting process of the world actually trying to dissolve the human being. Light hits the sensitive part of the eye called the retina. The retina has light sensitive cells called rods and cones. Interestingly, these are actually facing inwards (but the significance of this will be explored later). The rods and cones have light sensitive substance called opsin and retinal. In a process called “Wald’s Visual Cycle” the retinal and opsin which are normally joined together are broken apart when a light photon excites the retinal. The metabolism is later able to re-charge the process- rebuilding the opsin-retinal bridge. So we have a Prometheus gesture where the world comes 


and tears a piece from the eye- only later to be repaired by the etheric life building process (light independent). One can sympathize with the eye as being placed in a vulnerable position to be perpetually broken down by the world. This breaking down process can exacerbate migraines– and migraines have a typical relationship to the stomach as well. Both processes are closed down in self defense. The eye shuts out the form-breaking impulses from the world while the stomach shuts out any new metabolic demands. 

The Stomach as the Tyrant


It is important that our digestion has an organ that performs opposite to the eye. In fact, when the stomach becomes a victim we have a pathology- an ulcer! The stomach is able to take material from the outer world and “conquer” it. It performs the same process as light in the eye- freeing the etheric life forces to nourish us. What happens when we have subjects that resist being conquered? We can have inflammatory triggers as the outer world pushes through our boundaries. Migraines, food allergies, autoimmune disorders and even cancer can occur as the body is forced to try to perform a “digestive” process elsewhere. So we require a good tyrant in our belly but should be cautious that we don’t stress this good conquerer with substance from the outer world that is not meant for our digestion. Biodynamic and organic food raised as naturally as possible are ideal for digestion. 


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