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Save money on healthcare

Keeping Patients in Optimal Health

Health insurance premiums are a staggering burden to a growing company. And these policies do not offer tangible services.

With our Direct Primary Care medical office we save your business 30-60% on health insurance costs and keep your employees healthier, further saving your business money. Employees with chronic medical conditions such as smoking, obesity, hypertension and diabetes incur costs to businesses of thousands of dollars per employee per year. As primary care specialists, it is our job to prevent and mitigate these health issues.

Affordable Care

Our Model Is Refreshingly Different

We have a low membership fee and no copays with a few non-covered services. This means your employees can get appointments urgently and routinely without a barrier to their care. We also cover their entire family for a low, affordable rate. This is a big perk that means you retain happier and healthier employees. And you can save money compared to the cost of health insurance.

Unlike most healthcare facilities, we take a holistic approach and treat patients with the respect they deserve. We welcome input and take the time to listen to concerns.

Our Goals

Promoting Wellness

We believe deeply in the innate healing power of the human body. Our goal is to treat illness, address underlying conditions, and promote overall wellness.

Our doctors and staff are dedicated to creating optimal health and preventing illnesses in the first place. Our patients maintain contact with their designated healthcare provider through email, phone and even text. Getting an appointment is a simple streamlined process. We pride ourselves in preventing unnecessary trips to an urgent care or emergency room.

How to Cut down Medical Expenses?

Around 90% of business healthcare dollars are due to primary care related expenses. Whether you have a common illness like cold or flu, or a serious chronic condition such as diabetes, we deliver excellent care.

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